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Standing floodwater in East PittsfordThe Vermont Disaster Relief Fund remains engaged in a campaign that has ensured more than $7.6 million in funds are available for direct recovery assistance for the unmet needs of Vermonters impacted by natural disasters.

Please join our efforts!

The Vermont Disaster Relief Fun has allocated more than $5 million to provide direct assistance to Vermont families with unmet needs in their recovery from the Spring 2011 Floods and Tropical Storm Irene while ensuring access to another $1 million for mobile home owners to fund the removal and disposal of more than 70 flood-ravaged mobile homes.


The statistics are staggering:

  • Over 7,000 Vermonters registered with FEMA
  • Approximately 3,400 residences suffered significant damage: FEMA reports 1,350 households were displaced
  • Of those 1,400 homes, 433 are mobile homes
  • 225 municipalities were affected; 45 severely

Behind every number is a person, a family, a home.

You can help rebuild the lives of those Vermonters by volunteering.

Most importantly you can help with a financial contribution to make sure the Fund reaches our goal of not leaving any Vermont family behind.  

Donate online or send a check to:

Vermont Disaster Relief Fund
PO Box 843
Montpelier, Vermont 05601

The Vermont Disaster Relief Fund is a registered non-profit 501(c) 3 organization [tax id: 45-3660551]

100% of donations go directly towards the recovery of Vermont's disaster survivors as operating costs of the Vermont Disaster Relief Fund have been provided by other sources.