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The Vermont Disaster Relief Fund remains engaged in a campaign that has ensured more than $7.7 million in funds are available for direct recovery assistance for the unmet needs of Vermonters impacted by natural disasters.

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As of the end of July, the Vermont Disaster Relief Fund has allocated more than $5 million to provide direct assistance to more than 350 Vermont families with unmet needs in their recovery from the Spring 2011 Floods and Tropical Storm Irene while ensuring access to another $1 million for mobile home owners to fund the removal and disposal of more than 70 flood-ravaged mobile homes.

The Vermont Disaster Relief Fund is also providing assistance to those affected by the 2013 floods.


The Fund provided $20,000 to a family living in a stick built home in Northfield that was flooded during Irene.  Incoming water filled both basements and collapsed the foundation wall between them, as well as damaging other parts of the fieldstone foundation.  The water breached the first floor, reaching a level from 4 inches, to over 2 feet on the first floor walls.  Everything in the basement, including the washing machine, the dryer, the furnace, and the hot water heater, was destroyed.  Walls were gutted and the flooring removed.  In all, 14 rooms (including 3 bathrooms) in the living area were affected, in addition to the garage and basement.  After a difficult evacuation, the family was displaced for four months.  Rebuilding work continues.


The Fund provided $10,000 to repair the home of a single mother with a young child in Woodstock.  Before Irene, this mother, a part-time in-home day care provider, was fully caught up with monthly financial obligations.  Irene displaced her from her home for months causing her child to live with his grandparents.  The house and garage sustained significant damage and the land around the house shifted and is causing ongoing concerns.  Continued work on the property surrounding the house continues.


The Fund provided $25,000 from the Pomerleau Cornerstone Fund to a retired woman and her disabled daughter living in Berlin who lost their mobile home in the May 2011 flooding.  The two women had been staying with a family member for many months trying to figure out a way to get funding to replace their home.  Due to the mother's fixed income and the daughter's disabilities they were unable to get traditional financing.  With their FEMA funds and funding from VDRF's Pomerleau Cornerstone Fund, they were able to puchase a replacement mobile home.


There are many other stories of recovery from the Vermont Disaster Relief Fund.  We look forward to continuing to update this space, telling these incredible tales of survival and helping as many of our fellow Vermonters as possible return to a safe living situation.  

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